Concrete Repair and Leveling in Germantown, TN

Rigidize Foundation Technologies is here and ready to help you with whatever kind of concrete problem you may be experiencing at your home or business in Germantown, TN. We have truly seen it all when it comes to sinking concrete slabs, cracked foundation walls or floors, and more. There is no problem too big or complex for our team of professionals to handle.

We can take care of the following concrete surfaces: sidewalks, driveways, garage floors, porches, patios, pool decks, garden paths, and any other kind of concrete surface you may have at your home or business. It’s important to make sure that these surfaces are in good shape so that nobody trips on them, falls, and gets hurt.

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Concrete Raising Services

When you have sinking concrete slabs, it’s a common problem that could be caused by many different things. Typically, the blame will fall on the use of improper building techniques during the time when the surface was being constructed. This can ultimately lead to voids forming beneath the surface.

When this happens, we can fix the problem by using an efficient and effective polyjacking technique. This makes use of a polyurethane material which is injected into tiny holes on the damaged concrete’s surface. The material expands beneath the surface and fills up the void completely. This will provide enough pressure to push the slab back into position where it should be. The entire process is very fast.

Wall Crack Repair

Our crew of experts can also provide you with crack repair services if you have noticed that there are openings and crevices on the inside or outside of your foundation wall. We make use of a polyurethane injection technique that will fill and seal the crack off so that it will never be able to let seepage into your home or business.

Other Services We Provide

•   Bonding and anchoring
•   Slab stabilization
•   Soil stabilization
•   Surface sealing cracks
•   Protection and secondary containment

About Germantown, TN

Germantown, TNGermantown is a city in Shelby County, Tennessee. The population was 38,844 at the 2010 census. Germantown is a suburb of Memphis, bordering it to the east. Germantown's economy is dominated by the retail and commercial service sectors; there is no heavy industry in Germantown. In the city center is the "Old Germantown" neighborhood, anchored by a railroad depot (a 1948 reproduction of the 1868 original) and railroad tracks that recall the community's earliest days of development as an outpost along the Memphis and Charleston Railroad.**