Foundation Settlement Repair

Foundation settlement is a common structural problem seen on homes all over the region. It can be caused from a variety of factors. Mainly, it is a problem that is a result of poor soil conditions in the earth surrounding a foundation. Poor soil compaction during the time when the home was being built can lead to this problem, as well as a very wet season that leaves the ground soggy and unable to support the weight of your home. The freeze/thaw cycle can also cause the earth to shrink and expand. Tree roots and vegetation can also grow under and around your foundation, creating voids for your home to sink into. Regardless of what has caused the problem, it needs to be taken care of immediately before the structural integrity of your entire home is compromised.

Warning Signs Of A Structural Problem

Along with noticing one or more sides of the home sinking into the earth, you may also notice some of the following warning signs of a structural problem:

  • Sloped floors on the first level of the home
  • Cracks form inside or outside of the home on walls, floors, ceilings
  • Tilting or leaning chimney that is pulling away from the home
  • Leaky or flooded basement
  • Windows and doors don't open or close like they used to
Featured below are photos of common structural problems:

Foundation Shifting and Moving


While some degree of shifting and moving is considered normal, if the settlement occurs too quickly, it can result in problems. To take care of this common foundation issue, we can install our piers. The helical piers we install have proven themselves time and time again to be effective at taking care of even the worst sinking foundation problems. They can be installed beneath your home to help with providing it with strength and stability. They work by shifting the weight of your home off of the poorly compacted soil and onto the piers themselves. This means that the load of your home is transferred to a strong pier in stable soil that will help to lift your home back up to the level where it needs to be, and the piers will also help to prevent any additional sinking.

In addition to a sinking foundation, we can also provide you with services to fix sinking concrete surfaces like garage floors, stoops or stairs, sidewalks. Our structural and concrete experts at Rigidize Foundation Technologies have the hands-on experience, skills, and knowledge needed to take on whatever problem your home is dealing with, whether it's minor or serious.

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