Concrete Floor Repair

Concrete is known for being a strong building material, but it can start to age over time, especially when it is in a high traffic area in your home or business. The surface becomes weak, and it may have cracks, chopped areas, or spots that are starting to crumble. Also, over the years, the floor joints can start to deteriorate, and this will lead to a variety of concrete problems if not taken care of properly or in a timely manner. When it comes to repair work for these flooring surfaces, we make use of an epoxy or polyurethane mortar. These materials have proven time and time again at taking care of even the most weak and brittle concrete floors and joints.

Floor Repair and Joint Protection

We use polymer resin which is used in conjunction with dry sand. After the application of this mortar, the floor can be walked on after just 10 minutes. In addition to this repair technique, we also have several others that we can provide for you, depending on your structure's unique situation.

For joint protection, we will first need to figure out whether or not the concrete slab has been damaged because of settlement or erosion. If so, we can take care of that situation, and we can also make use of the Joint Shield line of products. This includes epoxy and polyurethane joint fillers that can add support to the sidewalls of the floor joint. Also, it can help to fill up the full depth of the joint to make it much stronger, more stable, and much more dependable.

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