Sump Pumps

A sump pump is necessary in any basement or crawl space to help with channeling moisture out and away from the home. They are typically installed in the lowest lying area underneath the home. A pump "pit" or "basin" is set up in the floor or earth, and drainage pipes and channels are attached to the pit. Once water inside of the basin gets to a certain level, it will be sent out and away from the home to a safe distance away where it won't easily be able to get inside again to cause problems.

Sump pumps are sold in varying capacities and sizes. The type you need for your home can be determined by our waterproofing professionals at Rigidize Foundation Technologies. Our skilled techs will come to your home and determine what your basement or crawl space's unique needs are, and then we will be able to recommend the perfect sump for your home. Sump pumps are necessary to help with keeping the lowest level of your home safe, dry, and healthy.

Excess moisture here, such as with basement or crawl space floods, can cause a lot of serious problems. This moisture build-up can stain walls, floors, and ceilings. It will ruin anything in its path, including wooden materials, such as support beams, floor joists, stairs, banisters, and so on. Also, all of this moisture can eventually lead to the development of dangerous mold or mildew which could make your family really sick. As you can see, it's essential that you get a sump installed.

Sump Pumps and Pits

We make use of sump pumps and pits that are some of the very best available on the market today. They range from 1/3 to 1/3 HP and they are able to pump over 5,000 gallons of water per hour. We can also provide you with battery backup sump pump units which will be activated in case the main pump fails, or if the power happens to go out. The sumps are all very energy efficient, and they are 12 volt.

These waterproofing products will take care of the main way in which water enters a home - through basement or crawl space flooding. This can occur when water pressure builds up in the soil around the foundation or crawl space. A sump pump will pump water away before it ever even hits a level that is equal to the floor. Drainage pipes will also be connected to the sump, and this will take care of water from walls and floors.

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