Yard Drainage

At Rigidize Foundation Technologies, we can install a variety of surface drainage and lawn drain systems to help put a stop to water pooling up next to your foundation or crawl space. Our waterproofing systems are known to be reliable in preventing water seepage in the basement.

Surface Drainage System

At Rigidze Foundation Technologies, we can install special surface drains to prevent water build up around your foundation or crawl space. Listed here are the products that we can install as part of your drainage system.

  1. Catch basins and catch grates - these products will be able to protect your lawn from water damage that occurs with heavy rains. They are used to collect water, as well, that may come from your downspouts.
  2. Strip drains - these are drains that are made from perforated, three dimensional cores that are wrapped in fabric filter material.
  3. Channel drains - this is a lightweight drainage system which features interlocking joints. It can easily and quickly be installed.
  4. Pop-up emitters - these are affordable products which allow the downspout and sump discharge lines to be moved away from your foundation or crawl space so that water doesn't pool up.
  5. Dry-wells - these wells can be installed quickly and easily, and they provide storm water runoff and don't require any gravel like similar wells available on the market.
  6. Downspout adapters - these adapters can connect to downspouts and to underground drainage systems to help with moving rainwater away from your gutter system so it doesn't pool up next to the foundation or crawl space.

French Drain System

If you have seen water building up next to your foundation walls after a heavy rain, then you could benefit from having a French drain installed. Water next to your foundation can cause the walls to bow, sink, or buckle. Therefore, you need to be sure that moisture around the base of your home is controlled. To remove this excess water from around your foundation walls, we can install a French drain. The drain has perforations inside of it which make it easier for water to travel through. Gravel is placed around the drain tiles for an easy path for the moisture. Geo-textile fabric is added to the gravel to help with the filtration process. After the drain is installed, the entire system is covered with sod to blend in with the rest of the lawn.

The drain will be able to remove excess water from around your foundation. It has many benefits over other types of solutions available on the market since it is a great drainage choice, is affordable, and can be installed quickly in most types of soil.

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